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Purchase Order Plus for Sage 200 allows for rapid purchase order entry, faster processing and access to all required supplier and stock information from one screen.


Time Saver

Create New Suppliers and Stock Items Quickly and Easily

Rapid Entry

Speed up Purchase Order entry in Sage 200

One-Click Processing

Create Sales Orders from Purchase Orders with One Click

Access Everything

View all Information from One Sage 200 Screen

Streamline Processes

Amend Purchase Orders from within the Order Entry Screen

Enhanced Visibility

View and Add previously Ordered Items to Orders

Streamline Purchase Order Entry

what is it?

Purchase Order Plus substantially reduces the time taken to enter purchase orders in Sage 200. By enhancing the standard order entry screen, Purchase Order Plus provides a toolbar of utilities allowing access to supplier and stock information from one screen.

Fully integrated with Sage 200, this product will streamline your purchase order process without sacrificing any of the standard Sage 200 functionality.

Our rapid entry grid allows you to enter purchase orders quickly and easily. One-Click processing gives you the ability to create new suppliers, stock items and amend prices without leaving the purchase order entry screen.

Purchase Order Plus can increase the efficiency of any business required to enter purchase orders and can free up resources allowing your staff to focus on customer service and core responsibilities.

  • Eureka POP for Sage 200 Screen (MMS313) – Enhanced order entry screen.
  • View Account Details (MMS314) – Access supplier account without leaving the purchase order screen.
  • View Item Details (MMS315) – gives access to the currently selected stock item details.
  • Purchase Order Processing History (MMS316) – Add items from a previous supplier order to the current purchase order.
  • Amend Stock Item Prices (MMS317) – Price Book prices can be amended while in a purchase order.
  • Historical Purchase List (MMS318) – Add previous items to current purchase orders.
  • Purchase Order Processing Item Balances (MMS319) – Access Stock item balances for currently selected stock items.
  • Purchase Order Processing View Sales Orders (MMS320) – View sales orders for a stock item when entering a purchase order.
  • Supplier Price Bands (MMS325) – Set up quantity break discounts for suppliers.
  • Supplier Items (MMS328) – View supplier stock items, add multiple items to a purchase order.

Purchase Order Plus also includes our popular Plus Pack for Sage 200 at no additional cost, giving you access to over 80 further Addons to enhance your Sage 200 system.

Purchase Order Plus Features

what’s included?

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